Our team

Ph.D. Kimmo Feldt

Managing Partner

Kimmo is the happy co-founder of Fennos. After receiving Ph.D. degree from Psychology of Stress, he has worked in the field of HR and people processes in expert, manager and director level positions and engaged in a wide variety of local and global talent management projects.

His true passion is to combine business and people processes in a manner that makes all parties benefit. Areas of expertise are individual assessment and development and human risk analyses.

Ps.M. Taija Stoat

Managing Partner

Taija's core competences are related to conducting high quality psychological assessments, from public sector to listed private sector companies. In addition, she has profound experience in international recruitments and in selection related to demanding managerial- and leader positions having high level of societal influence. Prior joining Fennos Associates, she has worked as criminal psychologist, as consultancy director and in assessment method development. In her work she is motivated by being able to enhance her client organizations and individual candidates to be motivated and to succeed n their work.

Taija's first career as criminal psychologist has brought her expertise in recognizing risk factors in personality, such as recognizing manipulation. In addition to psychological assessments she trains organizations' managers and recruiters to strengthen their recruitment and interviewing skills, supports managers and directors in challenging people management issues and trains customer service organizations on dealing with difficult clients.

Ps.M. Tommi Lehtinen

Managing Partner

Tommi is the enthusiastic co-founder of Fennos. Tommi has master's degree in psychology and 15 years of global experience in the strategic resourcing, talent acquistion and talent management. Deliveries range from individual assessments and leadership profiling to managing global and local management audits, executive searches and leadership development projects.  He is especially familiar with the retail business, traditional Finnish food as well as engineering industries. 

His professional goal and true passion is to strengthen the business via sustainable people solutions.  

We uphold very high quality and value criteria, develop each other and are very careful in selecting people to our company. Each and everyone needs to excel in following criteria

  1. Adhering to Principles and Values
  2. Relating and Networking
  3. Persuading and Influencing 
  4. Analyzing / Formulating Strategies and Concepts
  5. Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations 
  6. Entrepreneurial and Commercial Thinking