About us


Diversified expertise

We provide sustainable HR services with a diverfied scope - our focus is to combine business and people. Our expertise is based on versatile experience in consultancy at listed global Finnish companies, academic work, business-minded approach and knowledge combined with organizational psychology. 

We sincerely believe that our approach, results and services provide you with the most robust long-term business results. 

Walk the talk 

We walk the talk, act on short notice and carry our responsibility. We follow rules, quidelines and regulations to quide our services. Our fundamental promise to our clients is that we exceed the quality of delivery and relevance of our competitors and we will reimburse you if our recommendations prove unsuccessful.

Focus on the relevant

We split the projects and proceed step by step while collecting feedback on every phase. We are flexible and design our service concepts to match with processes and quidelines of our customers. We tailor our concept to match with the needs of our customers -  our concepts are relevant, just as wide and as deep as needed in each specific situation.

Reliable and mobile partners

Our basis is to secure your business goals. We are looking for long-term partnerships with our clients because we really want to breath our clients' business.  Our home market is the Baltic Sea area and we have mobility, capability, experience and expertise to work within different cultures globally. We have strong references.



Kimmo & Taija